What Is .htm File?

What Is .htm File?

A .htm file is a text-based document that is written in HyperText Markup Language (HTML). HTML is the standard language used for creating web pages and it is used to structure the look and display of a web page. The .htm file is the HyperText Markup Language file format, which is the basis of most webpages seen today.

What Is HTML?

HTML is short for HyperText Markup Language and it is used to design websites. An HTML document consists of tags that are used to tell the web browser how to format and display website elements, such as page titles, paragraphs and hyperlinks. When you save a .htm file, all the HTML tags are present in that file and the browser reads them to generate the webpage.

What Is a .htm File Used For?

.htm files are used to create websites and webpages. Any web page you view on the internet is made up of several .htm files. These files contain HTML code that is used to create the page and all its elements. When someone accesses your .htm file, their browser reads the HTML code and formats it according to the instructions given.

How Do I Create and Edit a .htm File?

Creating and editing a .htm file is easy and can be done with basic HTML coding skills. You can use any text editor, such as Notepad or TextEdit, to create and edit your .htm file. Once you have created and edited your .htm file, you can upload it to your web server and it will be accessible to anyone on the internet.

What Are Some Best Practices for Using .htm Files?

Here are some best practices when creating and editing .htm files:

  • Clean and Organised Code: Make sure your HTML is organised with indentations and comments to make it easier to read and debug
  • Test Your Code: Make sure you test your HTML code before uploading it to the web server
  • Validate Your Code: Make use of free online tools to validate your HTML code, ensuring that your web pages are correctly formatted and free of any errors
  • Keep It Up To Date: Make sure to keep your .htm files up to date with the latest HTML standards and technology


.htm files are the basis of all the webpages seen today. They contain HTML code which is used to format and display website elements. .htm files are easy to create and edit, and can be done with basic HTML coding skills. Just remember to keep your code clean and organised, test and validate it, and keep it up to date with the latest HTML standards and technology. .htm files are a popular format used on the internet to display text, hyperlinks, and images. The acronym stands for Hypertext Markup Language and its purpose is to provide the formatting and structure necessary to display documents on the web.

Hypertext Markup Language is a type of file that contains HTML code. This code tells a web browser how to display a particular web page. HTML is written in a language that contains a mixture of words and numbers – very similar to English or Spanish. The .htm file can be created from a text editor or by using a program such as Adobe Dreamweaver.

A typical .htm file consists of both text and HTML tags. These tags are used for formatting text, creating links to other web pages, and adding images. The web browser interprets the HTML code and formats the pages accordingly. The .htm file can also contain JavaScript and other programming languages that enable advanced functionality such as animation and audio.

Without .htm files, it would not be possible to view web pages in all their glory. Today, most websites are built using HTML files, with some using additional technologies such as CSS and JavaScript. This means that HTML remains the cornerstone of web pages and without it, the world wide web would be a much less visually pleasant place.

In conclusion, .htm files are essential for creating websites and displaying content on the web. It provides a uniform language that allows web pages to be formatted and structured in order to display properly across all web browsers. Furthermore, the use of HTML files provides advanced features such as the ability to create links and add images and audio. All these features make it easy to create attractive, functional websites.

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