What Is An Addon Domain?

What Is An Addon Domain?

An addon domain is a separate domain that is hosted on the same cPanel account. Addon domains allow you to control multiple domains from one hosting account.

Advantages of Using an Addon Domain

Using an addon domain has a few advantages:

  • Cost Savings: By hosting multiple domains on one account, you can save on hosting costs.
  • Ease of Use: With an addon domain, you can access, manage and maintain multiple domains from one place.
  • Flexibility: With an addon domain, you don’t need to register a new hosting account for each domain.

How to Setup an Addon Domain?

Setting up an addon domain is simple and straightforward. Most hosting companies will have guides available on their website that walks you through the setup process.

In general, you’ll need to register the domain, add the domain to your hosting account, create a subdomain for the domain, and then configure the DNS settings. Once that’s done, you can start creating websites with the addon domain.


An addon domain can be a great way to manage multiple domains from one hosting account. It helps to save on costs and makes managing multiple domains much easier.

If you’re interested in setting up an addon domain, be sure to check with your hosting provider for more information. An addon domain is a type of website hosting feature that allows a user to host multiple websites from the same web host. In other words, it allows a user to create multiple domain names for their website that can be managed within the same hosting account. For example, a user might use their main domain (example.com) to host their main website and then a subdomain (blog.example.com) to set up a blog. An addon domain allows this user to host another website within their same hosting account, such as a store (store.example.com).

Addon domains enable users to benefit from the management and cost-efficiency of a single hosting account. For example, most hosting providers charge only one account fee, and this fee typically covers as many domains as you wish to add on. In addition, all the domains and websites for an addon domain are managed under one control panel. This makes it easier for users to manage their domains and websites without having to switch accounts and logins for each domain.

Addon domains are also known as Parked Domains. They are basically a website that is hosted on the same account as another site, but it does not have its own directory. This creates the advantage of not having two separate hosting accounts, but still having separate URLs pointing to different websites. Furthermore, multiple domain registrations can save money and time as a user can register several domains at once through their hosting account.

Addon domains can be both a cost and time saver for website owners who need to host multiple websites. Although they are relatively easy to set up, users should take care to properly manage them to ensure that their websites are secure and reliable.

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