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Simple File List is a free plugin that is great for when you need to provide a list of files, either publicly available or private to logged-in users. Place a file list anywhere on your site using a simple shortcode, allowing your front-end users to open, download and optionally edit them. Users can also upload files if you choose.

Simple File List is also a good alternative for organizations using clumsy FTP or Dropbox for larger files. Simply provide your clients with a link to their file list.



  • Displays a file list, file uploader or both using simple shortcode: [eeSFL]
  • Manage your files and the list settings from the Admin List on the back-end.
  • Choose from three file list styles: table, tiles or flex.
  • Choose from a light or dark theme, or choose no theme and provide the styling of your theme.
  • Complete settings for the file list style and display, file upload restrictions, and upload notifications.
  • Both the front-end list and file upload form can be shown to users based on their role; Everyone, Only Logged-in User, Only Admins or Nobody (OFF).
  • Collect the users name, email and description of the file(s) uploaded. This can optionally be shown in the file list.
  • Files can be assigned descriptions, which can be added from the Admin list or user uploads.
  • Optionally allow your front-end users full control over renaming, moving, sending, deleting and editing descriptions.
  • Includes a number of custom hooks you can tie into for file and list actions:
    ** Uploaded, Added, Removed, Deleted, Edited, Listed, Loaded, Scanned


  • Posting official documents.
  • Sharing files within an organization.
  • Sharing files with business clients or a community.
  • Enabling distance learning by allowing schools to share class materials with students.
  • When you need a list of archived files, such as videos, PDF files, or music files.
  • When you need a simple front-side uploader so people can send you files.
  • Exchanging files when the sizes get too large for email attachments.


  • Limit access to only Admins or logged-in users, or hide the list and only show the uploader.
  • Add and manage your files from the Admin List on the WordPress back-end.
  • Show details like file dates, size and a thumbnail for PDFs, images and videos.
  • Add descriptions to files and optionally show them in your list.
  • Sort file by name, date modified, date added or file size … ascending or descending.
  • Files are kept separate from the media library.
  • Add the free Media Player extensions for an improved experience with audio and video files.


  • Simple reliable uploader, works on mobile devices too.
  • Drag and drop zone, plus upload progress bar
  • Allow uploading to only Admins or logged-in users, or turn it off completely.
  • Limit the types of files users can upload.
  • Limit number of files uploaded per submission.
  • Limit the maximum upload file size.
  • Get an email notice each time a file is uploaded.
  • Option to gather the uploader’s name, email and file description.


  • cz_CZ – Czech (Czech Republic)
  • da_DK – Danish (Denmark)
  • de_DE – German (Germany)
  • es_ES – Spanish (Spain)
  • es_MX – Spanish (Mexico)
  • fr_CA – French (Canada)
  • fr_FR – French (France)
  • fr_BE – French (Belgium)
  • it_IT – Italian (Italy)
  • nl_NL – Dutch (Netherlands)
  • pt_BR – Portuguese (Brazil)
  • pt_PT – Portuguese (Portugal)
  • sv_SE – Swedish (Sweden)


  • Simple lightweight design, easy to style and customize.
  • Committed and responsive support from the developer.
  • Create unlimited levels of sub-folders.
  • Use a shortcode attribute to display specific folders.
    [eeSFL folder=”folderA/folderB”]
  • Display different folders in different places on your site.
  • You can even show several different folders on the same page and within widgets.
  • Front-side users cannot navigate above the folder you specify.
  • Breadcrumb navigation indicates where you are.
  • Easily move files and folders as needed.
  • Rename folders and add descriptions, which can be shown in the file list.
  • Quickly delete any folder, along with all contents.
  • Choose to sort folders first or sort along with the files.
  • Optionally display folder sizes.
  • Optionally define a custom file list directory.



  • Lock down your files to prevent direct access. Only allow specific users to see the file you want them to.
  • Limit file access to only logged-in users. Specify the minimum role or specify a matched role.
  • Create a file list for a specific WordPress user or a group of users.
  • For each list mode you can separately control permissions for file uploading and front-side file management.


Normal Mode
Do not restrict access. Files are viewable by anyone who can reach the file list page. Files may also be linked-to from outside of your website.

Limited Mode
Restrict file list access to all except WordPress users matching a specified role or with a minimum role or higher.

Group Mode
Restrict file list access to a specified group of WordPress users.

User Mode
Restrict file list access to a specific WordPress user.

Restricted Mode
Restrict access to all of the files by default. Grant access to specific files to specific users or roles.


  • Adds searching and pagination functionality.
  • Designed to make very large file lists more manageable.
  • Adds a search bar above the file list.
  • Search by file name and/or date, if this column is displayed.
  • Searches within sub-folders. (But not above the current folder)
  • Pagination breaks up large file lists into smaller pages.
  • Define the number of files per page in the settings.
  • Show or hide the search bar and/or pagination in the settings.
  • Updating to newer versions is just like other WordPress plugins.
  • Shortcode attributes to control search visibility and pagination functionality.
    [eeSFL search=”YES/NO” paged=”YES/NO” filecount=”25″]
  • Use a shortcode to place a search form anywhere on your website.
    [eeSFLS permalink=’file-list-url’]

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