How To Add Addon Domain On cPanel

How To Add Addon Domain On cPanel

cPanel makes it easy to host multiple websites from one web server by using add-on domains.
An add-on domain is a domain name that points to a subdirectory within your account. You can add an add-on domain name in just a few simple steps.

Step by Step guide

  1. Log in to cPanel

    First and most obviously, you’ll need to access cPanel to create your add-on domain.
    To retrieve your cPanel credentials, you’ll need to consult your hosting provider.

  2. Head to the Domains section

    Once you’re logged in, you’ll see several sections available. Locate the Domains section and click on “Addon Domains”.

  3. Create your Addon Domain

    You’ll see fields in which to enter the necessary details.

    • New Domain Name: Here you’ll enter the domain you wish to add.
    • Subdomain/FTP Username: This name will be used to create a folder in your root directory which holds all the files you wish to display when your new domain is accessed.
    • Document Root: This is the name of the folder we just created in step 2; you don’t need to do anything here.
    • Password: Create a password for secure access to your new domain via FTP.
  4. Click ‘Add Domain’

    Finally, click on ‘Add Domain’.

After you click ‘Add Domain’, you’ll receive a message to let you know whether the add-on domain was added or not. You may also need to alter your DNS settings to point the domain to your web server.

Adding a new addon domain to cPanel is an easy process that only takes a few steps to configure. An addon domain is an additional domain that is linked to your hosting account, allowing you to create a website in a separate folder and use a different domain name than your main website.

In order to add an addon domain to cPanel, you will first need to log in to your cPanel account. Once you are in, you need to click on the “Addon Domains” tab. Here, you will be asked to enter the new domain name, its subdomain, and its document root. The document root will be the folder under which all your website files will be stored.

After entering the information, click “Add Domain”. You will then be asked to create an FTP account for the new domain. This account will allow you to upload files to the server and will be the same account you use to access cPanel. Once you have created the FTP account, your addon domain will be added to cPanel.

At this point, you will now be able to set up your website for the addon domain. To do this, you need to upload your website files to the appropriate document root folder and point your domain’s DNS servers to your hosting account’s name servers.

By following the steps outlined above, you can easily add an addon domain to cPanel. With a few clicks, you can create a separate website for one or more domain names and upload your website files to the server.

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