Five Star Restaurant Reservations – WordPress Booking Plugin

Five Star Restaurant Reservations – WordPress Booking Plugin

Restaurant reservations made easy. Accept reservations and table bookings online. Quickly confirm or reject restaurant reservations, send out custom email notifications, restrict booking times and more.


  • Create a customized restaurant reservation form
  • Responsive booking form layout that looks great for mobile reservations and on all devices
  • Add your reservation form to any page via the included Gutenberg restaurant booking block or shortcode, or just choose your reservation page in the settings
  • Set up a specific restaurant schedule by defining the times and dates available for reservation
  • Quickly confirm or reject a booking
  • Notify a customer by email when their request is confirmed or rejected
  • Receive an email notification when a booking request is made

Create a five star restaurant reservation experience by tailoring your form to yours and your customers’ specific needs. With options to set minimum and maximum party sizes, to require a phone number, to change the date and time format and to write a custom message after a successful online restaurant booking, you can create a familiar and comfortable atmosphere, and make the reservation process as easy and effortless as possible.


Our customizable restaurant reservations plugin comes with several additional features that will help ensure you’re able to set it up not only easily, but with all the options you need. It will also allow you to deliver the best and easiest online restaurant booking system for your visitors. These features include:

  • Add and edit bookings directly from the plugin admin panel
  • Add exceptions to your schedule (e.g. for holidays and special events)
  • With our intuitive and fully customizable notification configuration table, you can create as many different notifications as you need. Choose the action trigger (e.g. setting a booking to confirmed), the recipient (admin or guest), the message type (email or SMS [requires ultimate version, see below]), and write a unique subject and message. We even have template tags that can be used to dynamically include booking information in the notification message.
  • Send customers an email about their booking from the admin panel
  • Option to automatically confirm reservations below a certain party size.
  • Customize the date and time formats.
  • Automatically block bookings when you’re closed, including holidays and one-off openings
  • Ban abusive customers to save money on no-shows
  • Change the language of the datepicker feature

With our reservation system, you can set up the booking schedule for you restaurant. Our settings allow you to be as broad or specific as you want with this, with options for setting the open times, the interval between booking slots, booking in advance, and even the ability to add exceptions to these options.

You know your customers best. With features like the ability to enable automatic confirmation and to customize your notifications, you can tailor your restaurant booking form to meet the specific requirements of your restaurant and business.


If you have multiple restaurant locations, you can easily add this as a choice to your booking form. This is made possible by integrating with the Five Star Business Profile plugin. When you enable and create multiple locations in that plugin, they will automatically show up and be included in the Five Star Restaurant Reservations plugin. This lets you:

  • Have a dropdown in your booking form to let your guests choose which location they want to reserve at.
  • Set separate schedules and exceptions for each location.
  • Set separate restrictions and limits at each location (premium feature, see below).

No need to have many separate forms or pages, or a complicated solution, to accept bookings at your multiple locations. Five Star Restaurant Reservations has you covered!

However, if you do wish to create a separate form for each location, this is easily made possible via a shortcode attribute that lets you specify the location of the form. This will make it so the location selector does not show in the booking form and so that the booking is automatically assigned to this location.


It comes with several features that let you restrict the number of people in your restaurant, so you can be sure to never overbook and also that you are following any recommended capacity limits in your region.

  • Set a dining block length used as a guide to apply the restrictions.
  • Set a maximum number of reservations allowed per dining block length.
  • Or set a maximum number of seats/people allowed per dining block length.
  • Additional options to set a maximum number of reservations or seats per dining block length below which all bookings will be automatically confirmed.
  • Works in tandem with all other restriction options (e.g. party size, auto-confirmation of bookings, early bookings, etc.) to make sure only available days and time slots that match all settings show in the booking form.
  • Multiple Locations: Both the maximum reservation and maximum seats settings are configurable on a per-location basis.
  • Stylish New Layout Options: Choose from multiple modern restaurant form layouts to find the one that best suits your site.
  • Custom Fields: Plan your dinner service better by asking for special seating requests, dietary needs and more when customers book online. Similar to open table, this allows you to customize the reservation system to have any field you want, allowing you to gather all the info you need to offer the best experience to your customers. This feature also allows you to modify the existing default fields.
  • View Bookings Page: Create a page on the front end of your site that displays upcoming bookings and allows you to check in guests who have arrived. Any custom fields you create can also be displayed in the view bookings table. This makes it a great tool for your restaurant manager or host, as they can view the bookings for today and check guests in. There is also an option to make this page private, so it only shows if you’re logged in.
  • Email Templates and Designer: Send beautiful email notifications with your own logo and brand colors when your customers make a reservation. A separate template is available for each notification that you create.
  • Export Bookings: Easily print your restaurant bookings via PDF or export them to an Excel/CSV file so you can analyze patterns, gather customer data and import bookings into other services.
  • MailChimp Integration: Subscribe new reservation requests to your MailChimp mailing list and watch your subscription rates grow effortlessly. Includes an option to add a checkbox to the booking form, so guests can choose whether or not to opt in for this.
  • Styling Options: Many styling options are included that let you set the color, font-size, borders, etc. for the different elements of the booking form.
  • Labelling Options: Restaurant reservations plugin comes with options to modify the text of all labels and messages that show on the front end. This includes the booking form fields and validation messages, the cancel reservation form, the view bookings form/table as well as elements specific to the ultimate version (such as the deposit payment page). 

    Restaurant reservations plugin contains several powerful features to give you and your guests an amazing booking experience, and also to help you reduce the amount of no-shows at your restaurant. These include:

    • Booking by Table: Add your restaurant’s tables to the plugin and allow (or require) guests to select a table when they make their reservation, based on the booking time and party size.
      • You can set a minimum and maximum number of seats at each table.
      • You can also combine tables to let people book for large parties.
      • You can configure your tables on a per-location basis.
    • Booking Deposits: Require a deposit, either per guest or per reservation, when someone makes a reservation, to help prevent no-shows.
      • Both Stripe and PayPal are available as payment gateways.
      • We’ve also provided a method for you to programatically add a different/your own gateway
      • Options to require deposit only for certain party sizes or only at certain times.
      • Option to set table-specific deposit amounts.
    • Reservation Reminders: Send an SMS or email reminder message before a booking at a time that you specify (e.g. 4 hours before a reservation).
    • Late-Arrival Notices: Send an SMS or email message when a guest is late for their reservation by a specified amount of time.
    • Post-Reservation Follow-Up: Send a follow-up SMS or email message a specified amount of time after the reservation (e.g. 18 hours, 2 days, etc.). This can be used to get customer feedback, request a review, offer a promotion, or anything else!
    • These three notification types are available to ultimate users in the main notification configuration table. You will have access to set the notification type to SMS instead of email; to set the action trigger to reservation reminder, late arrival or post-reservation follow-up; and to set the delay time (how long before or after the reservation to send it) for each of those three notification types.

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