Client Portal For WordPress 4.16.2

Professionalize your projects (and impress your clients) with a beautiful, centralized client portal.

Client Portal is a super simple, lightweight WordPress plugin that you can use on your website today (no developer needed!) to allow your clients to keep track of the project and give them access to all files at any time.

No more “Can you send me our logo? I’ve lost it again!” requests.

  • Unlimited portals per clientGet a lot of repeat work? Nice one! You can have a different portal for every project type and your client can have as many portals as they need.
  • Organize your projectsClients aren’t always the most organized – but you can be! Keep everything all invoices, receipts, paperwork, and deliverables together.
  • Keep clients in the loopLet your clients know when the portal has been updated with notifications. You can also receive notifications when a client has made a change.

Projects can get messy.

No matter what kinds of projects you work on, if you work with clients you know the headache of keeping track of projects and deliverables.

Most files you send will be emailed across. These can quickly meet a tragic fate: inbox burial. Never to be seen again.

Maybe you need to dig out the proposal you sent 6 months ago to check the scope, or perhaps your client needs that Google Doc with the draft copy that was completed weeks ago.

Client Portal WordPress Plugin Features

  • Keep track of exactly where your project is at any time
  • Get notified when a client completes a task
  • Brand your portals to match your, or your clients, website
  • Have multiple portals and projects for each client
  • Securely store files in your portal for clients to download
  • Beautiful content pages for ultimate flexibility
  • Create both private and public portals

Download Client Portal WordPress Plugin

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