A Look At The Ocean As A Security To Humanity

A Look At The Ocean As A Security To Humanity

The ocean has been a source of security to humanity for centuries. From its abundance of resources, to its ability to sustain human life, the ocean remains one of the most important natural elements for human wellbeing.

Resource Abundance

The ocean is a valuable resource of natural resources. According to research, it occupies 70% of the Earth’s surface and provides tremendous benefits to people working in coastal areas. It is a reliable source of food, providing an abundance of fish and other sea creatures. It also provides medicine, energy, and other valuable resources that are essential to our lives.

Environmental Security

The ocean is an essential environmental asset. It stores carbon dioxide and oxygen, helping regulate climate change. It also moderates global temperatures. Its currents move heat around the planet, redistributing it and creating cooler conditions in some areas and warmer conditions in others. By helping regulate ocean temperatures, the ocean plays a vital role in keeping climates stable for human survival.

Habitat For Marine Species

The ocean is a huge habitat that provides a home for countless sea creatures. Many species of fish, turtles, seals, dolphins, and other creatures rely on the ocean for survival, and the marine ecosystem is dependent on these species for a healthy and balanced environment. The presence of these creatures helps keep the ocean clean by providing natural resources and maintaining balance.

Social Security

The ocean is also a source of security for humans. It provides various employment opportunities, including fishing, shipping, tourism, and other related industries. It is also a valuable source of recreation, providing space for swimming, sailing, and other activities that allow people to relax and to connect with nature. In addition, the ocean is a source of inspiration, with its vastness offering the perfect opportunity for contemplation.

Final Thoughts

The ocean is a valuable source of security to humanity. Its resources are essential for sustaining human life, and its ability to regulate climate and provide a habitat for marine species is invaluable. It is also an important source of employment and recreation, inspiring people to contemplate and appreciate nature. The ocean is a major component of human security, providing both physical and mental security for generations to come.


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The ocean has been used by humans throughout the year to provide economic security, to be a source of living and to be a source of leisurely activities. With the changing climate, dangers like plastic waste, overfishing and the destruction of coral reefs is having an increasing effect on the ocean’s health and its ability to provide for future generations. However, the ocean can still provide humanity with tremendous security if we approach it in the right way.

The ocean is a source of food and nutrition, providing over three billion people with more than 15 per cent of their dietary protein. Fishing provides food to an additional 500 million people, while generating over 400 billion dollars in economic revenue. Not only is it a source of food, but it also provides a range of other products and services. Coasts and oceans contribute to close to 40% of economic output in the world’s poorest countries. In addition, the ocean’s resources are used in everyday items including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, biofuels, and the development of renewable energy sources.

The ocean can act as a shield, protecting countries against flooding, landslides, extreme weather, and erosion. It is also a source of recreation for many people. Beaches can be used for swimming, surfing and other water activities, while dive sites, coral reefs and other marine parks attract tourists from all over the world.

One of the key ways in which the ocean can be a security to humanity is through the conservation, protection and restoration of its ecosystems. Today, one-third of the world’s fish stocks are overfished, and by 2020, it is predicted that virtually all fish stocks will be stressed from overfishing. As such, reducing fishing pressures is essential in preserving the global fish stocks. In addition, global efforts must also be made to reduce plastic waste pollution and manage marine protected areas more effectively.

Finally, it is important to recognise that the ocean and its resources play an integral role in humanity’s security and wellbeing. As such, more efforts must be made to conserve, protect, and restore its ecosystems in order to maintain its security for years to come. In addition, countries must also look to embrace sustainability and incorporate nature-based solutions into their economic growth strategies to maintain the security and economic benefits that the ocean provides. Only then can we ensure the sustainability of the planet’s oceans for future generations and continue to use them as a security to humanity.

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